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Friday, 19 December, 2014 - 03:11 (UK)  

..:: The Subaru Impreza Story

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..:: My 2001 UK Subaru Impreza WRX - Red Mica

NOTE: This page is SSSOOOOoooo... out of date! Had the car just over a year now, and it looks quite different to the pictures on this page.. Also had a few changes under the skin! Soon I'll report on what all has been done to the car.. Not much left to do now.. It's been one hell of a project at a fraction of the cost it would normally be if I had a garage do all the work! Stay tuned! For a sneek peak check out the Lochindorb gallery! (actually event that's more or less out of date now too.. Someone please give me a kick up the ar*e!)


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UK Spec Standard 2001 Subaru Impreza WRX Finished in Red Mica 40,000 miles!

Sourced from Sunnyhill Motors in Turrif, Nov 2006.

Black privacy glass fitted which looks sweet against the Red Mica body! Really can't miss it when you see it on the road!

No plans for any modifications at the moment but I'm sure it wont be too long.... :o)
(23/03/07) Nope hasn't taken long at all.. Few cosmetic tweaks here and there since I bought the car, Mud flaps, front grills, fog lamp covers, grill inserts and some vinyl graphics. But the proper modding has started. Front & Rear aluminium top strut braces fitted wont have much affect at the moment unless used in conjunction with other suspension upgrades..

Soon to have the prodrive 3rd decat pipe fitted along with a Prodrive WRSport backbox (ooh burble) can't wait!

Other semi-planned mods are to the suspension. A set of Prodrive/Eibach springs would be nice, stiffer drop links, possibly new Anti-Roll bars. After that getting the suspension geometry reconfigured is a must. May got for the rally Group N settings as opposed to Prodrive configurations which tends to give uneven tyre wear. Only other change would be ECUTek remap for the ECU once the decat and backbox are fitted which would hopefully give bhp a kick up to around 265bhp from 215bhp, and a drop in 0-60 from 5.9sec to 4.8sec (as if it isn't fast enough). The possibilities for modifying truly are endless with these cars. But my pockets aren't that deep *sigh*

Finally got the 3rd cat delete pipe installed today thanks to Wallace Performance in aberdeen for removing the origonal cat pipe which was held in place by very dodgy workmanship!


If you spot me, don't forget to gimme a flash and a wave!!!

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Did Spyker take on too much by trying to build a Porsche 911 rival?
Victor Muller had grand plans for his Spyker brand, but perhaps a £125,000 sports car was too ambitious

Victor Muller, the man who revived the dormant Spyker name and set about building some quirky luxury sports cars, possesses infectious enthusiasm for his car brand.
I spent a day with Muller in the summer of 2013 as part of a BBC documentary series that followed company bosses who did things their way.
We waited for Muller at a Dutch test track, and from the moment he rocked up in a Smart Fortwo and unfolded his lanky frame out of the microcar, he barely stopped talking. He was open and unguarded about the difficult challenges facing his company and forthcoming about plans for an expanded Spyker model range.
It was hard not to be impressed with his gusto, but the problem, as Muller has found out, is that vast reserves of enthusiasm can only get you so far. To design, develop and produce high-end sports cars, you also need extraordinarily deep pockets filled with cash.
The current bankruptcy is the latest of many hiccups to hit Spyker. It nearly went under when struggling sister company Saab went bust in 2011.
The loss of Saab prompted a change of tack for Spyker’s parent company, which had previously sought to sell its sports car firm. During 2012, when Spyker sold just four cars, securing the company’s future became the priority. 
A deal was struck with Chinese company Youngman, which was supposed to inject a cash contribution of 25 million euros. Plans for a new car, the B6 Venator, were hatched, and although it appeared at motor shows, today’s bankruptcy announcement seems that the company has fallen over in a serious way.
On paper, the idea behind the B6 Venator seemed sound: a two-door compact sports car, it was due to sell for about £125,000, allowing Spyker to tap into a wider customer base than its more rarified C8.
If the car had been a success, it could have put Spyker on a sound financial footing, but playing at that price point meant tempting customers away from Porsches and Aston Martins, even if Muller was adamant that his company was aiming at “a small group of people who want to have something else” than those brands.
He wanted to emphasise Spyker’s craftsmanship. “We are not competing in any shape or form with Ferrari or Aston Martin," he said. "We’re competing with, say, a Patek Philippe watch at auction. When you know that, your marketing is not aimed at trying to get the customer out of a Ferrari, because it is completely useless to try to do that.”
Muller was adamant that such customers exist, but however he tried to cut it, he was trying to gain a foothold against some of the biggest automotive brands in the business, and he was trying to do it on a comparative shoestring. 
During our chat, Muller wasn’t afraid to admit that he had made mistakes in the past, although he wasn’t keen to dwell on his errors, either.
He presided over Saab during the Swedish car manufacturer’s run into financial difficulties in 2011. He told me in 2013 that he had “fought like a maniac to keep Saab afloat”. It will be interesting to see if he’s any more successful in saving Spyker from the axe. 


Key Ford designer Stefan Lamm switches to Seat
Stefan Lamm, new head of exterior design at Seat Stefan Lamm, Ford of Europe's exterior design chief, joins the Spanish firm from Ford

Spanish car firm Seat has appointed Stefan Lamm as its new head of exterior design. He will commence his new role on 1 February next year.

Lamm switches to Seat from Ford where†he spent 10 years in charge of exterior design and was later head of exterior design at Ford of Europe.

He has played a key role in the 'kinetic' design seen on recent Fords and can count models such as the S-Max, Focus RS Mk2 and Evos concept car on his CV.

He worked closely with Ford of Europe chief designer Martin Smith in that period. Smith left the role this summer, however, with†Joel Piaskowski taking over in his place in a wider shake-up of Ford design that also resulted in the departure of company design chief J Mays at the end of 2013. He was replaced by Moray Callum.†

Lamm will replace Jorge Diez, who has moved within the Volkswagen Group to become head of automotive concept design at Audi.

Lamm, who in his new role will be reporting directly to Seat's head of design Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos,†started his career at Opel before switching to Ford.

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Video: Autocar's best of 2014
We round up our best moments from 2014, featuring star cars from McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche and many more

2014 has been an incredible year for cars, and at Autocar we've aimed to bring you a small slice of the action. Here we round up our best moments from the last twelve months.

BMW confirms hydrogen car development
German car maker will begin tests on hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars soon, with vehicle technology co-developed with Toyota

BMW?s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will begin testing in the near future - but advances in battery technology may mean that they never reach production, according to the firm?s sales and marketing boss, Ian Robertson.

The firm has previously run a trial with hydrogen-powered vehicles; starting in 2007, it put 100 6.9-litre V12-engined 7-series on the road capable of running on petrol or hydrogen. Developing 256bhp and 290lb ft, the cars hit 62mph in 9.5sec.

The new generation of test cars are currently under development, with the technology being co-developed with Toyota. In particular, packaging of the fuel cell stack and hydrogen storage are said to have advanced significantly in recent years.

?We?ve said we?ll continue to invest in hydrogen and that will result in a small number of production test vehicles being made to prove the technology works,? said Robertson. ?The real issues lie not around what we can do, though, but whether the infrastructure can be built up to supply hydrogen in the marketplace cost-effectively.?

As a result of the issues of the cost of hydrogen production and distribution, Robertson suggested battery technology gains could instead accelerate sales of electric vehicles. Advances in lithium ion technology are set to be followed by a switch to lithium air and then solid-state batteries. These advances over the next 10 years could ?see charging time and range worries disappear?, according to Robertson.

In addition, Robertson indicated that he could now envisage a time in the future when investment in internal combustion engine technology switched to battery and electric motor advances. ?At some point in the future the technologies will switch over,? he said. ?When the crossover comes and the focus becomes electricity, the rate of learning will accelerate even faster,? he said. ?Relatively, that time is not far away.?

BMW is expecting to sell 15,000 i3 electric or range-extended vehicles in 2014, making it the third-largest electric car maker. The i3 will go on sale in Asia in 2015.

BMW's long-term hydrogen plans are understood to centre around a future model for its 'i' range of cars. The mooted BMW i5 would employ a revised version of the powertrain used in the Toyota FCV.

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I'm planning on buying the perfect car in 2015 - what will it be?
Forget about the mince pies and concentrate on the important things this holiday season. For me, it's what car I should buy in 2015

Don?t know about you, but I always relish the Christmas break for the thinking and planning time it affords. During it, my mind seems to turn instantly to driving, car buying and maybe a little bit of racing.

Today, with the holiday period just a week away, stopping work is a pleasant prospect; no other period of the year carries such a licence to do nothing while affording time to dream of good times and good weather a few months away. And the cars to make them better.

At this time of the year people expect you to be planning the future. Think how many times over the next few days you?ll be asked about your New Year?s resolutions are. Mind you, if your household is like mine, other inmates may not be filled with delight when your 2015 priorities turn out to be all about cars and driving.

For me, there?s one big decision, and it will control all others. I want to buy the perfect cheap, interesting car ? on a budget of £5000 to £7000.†

It needs to be something I can gently modify so as to continue my spluttering hillclimb and autosolo career, hopefully double-driving with one or other of my two sons.†

No other pursuit I know is as good as low-end motorsport at providing carefree fun, while keeping a bloke in easy contact with the younger members of his family.

I?ve written before about some promising contenders, which range quite widely. A RenaultSport Clio 182 Cup would do it. So would a leggy (BMW) Cooper S. So would a Peugeot 306GTi-6 or super-cheap CitroŽn Xsara VTS, especially if equipped with a handling kit and a Quaife diff that lowered the overall gearing.

The Honda S2000, Nissan 350Z and Mazda RX-7 all come with decent performance and handling as standard equipment ? and all fall within the budget. It?s tough deciding which way to jump, especially when the three of us involved have three different opinions.

This, broadly speaking, is the logical course. But there?s a whole load of enticing but unsuitable cars out there within our paltry budget. Right now, for instance, there?s a seriously appealing 80,000-mile, one-owner Merc E500 from 2003 for sale on Auto Trader priced at £5250 before the haggling starts.†

And having stuck our fondly remembered Merc SLS up the Prescott hillclimb course a few times, I know what an exciting challenge it can to drive a wide, powerful car on a such a narrow, demanding track (not so sure about an E500?s capabilities in an autosolo).

There are, of course, cars that offer serious power in a smallish package ? but the price for squeezing these opposing virtues into our budget is a quality best described as ?legginess?.†

Right now there are a couple of dozen sub-£6000 BMW M3s (155mph, 0-60 5.6sec) on the market, but I?m not sure I?d be game to buy such a tyre-eater so cheaply, knowing it has been driven to the outside of the envelope for most of its 120,0000-150,000 miles. Would definitely welcome hearing from anyone with relevant experience.

Anyway, this is what I?ll be thinking about over Xmas. There?s an argument that says thinking about it ? when you have every intention of doing it ? is the most fun of all. Hope it?s the same for you.


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