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Thursday, 8 December, 2016 - 18:04 (UK)  

..:: The Subaru Impreza Story

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..:: My 2001 UK Subaru Impreza WRX - Red Mica

NOTE: This page is SSSOOOOoooo... out of date! Had the car just over a year now, and it looks quite different to the pictures on this page.. Also had a few changes under the skin! Soon I'll report on what all has been done to the car.. Not much left to do now.. It's been one hell of a project at a fraction of the cost it would normally be if I had a garage do all the work! Stay tuned! For a sneek peak check out the Lochindorb gallery! (actually event that's more or less out of date now too.. Someone please give me a kick up the ar*e!)


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UK Spec Standard 2001 Subaru Impreza WRX Finished in Red Mica 40,000 miles!

Sourced from Sunnyhill Motors in Turrif, Nov 2006.

Black privacy glass fitted which looks sweet against the Red Mica body! Really can't miss it when you see it on the road!

No plans for any modifications at the moment but I'm sure it wont be too long.... :o)
(23/03/07) Nope hasn't taken long at all.. Few cosmetic tweaks here and there since I bought the car, Mud flaps, front grills, fog lamp covers, grill inserts and some vinyl graphics. But the proper modding has started. Front & Rear aluminium top strut braces fitted wont have much affect at the moment unless used in conjunction with other suspension upgrades..

Soon to have the prodrive 3rd decat pipe fitted along with a Prodrive WRSport backbox (ooh burble) can't wait!

Other semi-planned mods are to the suspension. A set of Prodrive/Eibach springs would be nice, stiffer drop links, possibly new Anti-Roll bars. After that getting the suspension geometry reconfigured is a must. May got for the rally Group N settings as opposed to Prodrive configurations which tends to give uneven tyre wear. Only other change would be ECUTek remap for the ECU once the decat and backbox are fitted which would hopefully give bhp a kick up to around 265bhp from 215bhp, and a drop in 0-60 from 5.9sec to 4.8sec (as if it isn't fast enough). The possibilities for modifying truly are endless with these cars. But my pockets aren't that deep *sigh*

Finally got the 3rd cat delete pipe installed today thanks to Wallace Performance in aberdeen for removing the origonal cat pipe which was held in place by very dodgy workmanship!


If you spot me, don't forget to gimme a flash and a wave!!!

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Maxing a Porsche 911 Turbo S at Nardo
Maxing a 911 Turbo S at Nardo We grab the rare opportunity to lap the iconic Nardo test track in Italy

What top speed makes a car properly fast these days? While 150mph was the preserve of the very swiftest of sports cars when I was growing up, most of today's hotter hatchbacks will now hit that figure. So 170mph? In 2016, that?s Porsche Boxster territory.

What about the double-tonne? Two hundred miles an hour still seems like a crazy figure to me, one that is only really achievable in a handful of places within the UK by a tiny number of cars.

Thankfully, Porsche has a couple of things that make hitting that figure a lot easier. One of those is the 911 Turbo S and the other is a place called Nardo. Does the name ring a bell? Think Jaguar XJ220, RUF Yellowbird and chasing absolute top speed.

If you don?t yet hear any jingling, Nardo is a test facility located in the heel of Italy (geography was never my strong point) that has various tracks to allow manufacturers to thoroughly thrash their cars before a buying customer ever sees their prospective purchase in the metal.

Originally opened by Fiat in 1975, it was purchased by Porsche in 2012. There?s an FIA-approved handling circuit, skidpans, vicious bumps and plenty of other fun stuff. The big draw, however, is a 7.8-mile banked bowl that has been the venue for the breaking of all manner of speed and endurance records over its 41-year history.

For me, it?s a personal record I?m hoping to shatter: the fastest speed I?ve travelled in a car. Although I won?t be driving (probably for the best), I?ll be in the expert hands of Michael, a Porsche driving trainer. As we head calmly towards the entrance to the track, I wonder if the yellow 911 Turbo S will manage to get near its claimed 205mph top speed.

Entering the track, Michael welds his right foot to the floor and the 911 rockets forward. Even after an extended stint in a Carrera 4S, the Turbo S feels other-worldly fast as it munches hungrily through the first few gears. As the speedo hits 200km/h (124mph), Michael throws the Turbo S into a couple of violent lane changes to highlight just how stable it is at autobahn cruising speeds.

Demonstration over, the throttle pedal is pinned to the stops once more as the world goes into hyperdrive. While the scenery flashes past ever faster, my eyes are glued to the digital speed readout once more, quickly trying to convert km/h to mph.

We?re up to 300km/h without too much difficulty but I know the acceleration will be blunted heavily from here. Even so, it doesn?t take long to get up to an indicated 322km/h ? 200mph in old money. Surely, Michael will be backing off soon?

To my delight, he keeps his foot down, the display climbing slowly but surely past 330km/h and up to an astonishing 340km/h. Back in the pits, I punch the number into Google to find that we?d been doing 211mph. Even accounting for the speedo over-reading, that?s got to be an easy 200mph, right? Either way, I?m busting for another double-tonne run, preferably with me behind the wheel.

Updated Elemental RP1 road car produces 1000kg of downforce
Updated Elemental RP1 road car produces 1000kg of downforce Ex-McLaren Formula 1 designer worked with Elemental to produce new aerodynamic pack that more than doubles downforce

The Elemental RP1 now produces 1000kg of downforce thanks to new bodywork developed in conjunction with ex-McLaren Formula 1 aerodynamicist Mark Taylor.

The updates come in the form of an aerodynamic pack, which more than double the RP1?s downforce at 150mph from 400kg to 1000kg. The McLaren P1, by comparison, produces 600kg at 161mph.

?When Elemental asked me to take a look at the car straight away I could see there was said bags of potential,? said Taylor, who is now founder and managing director of London Computational Solutions. ?I could see that it would be easy to double the 400kg figure.?

Taylor worked with Mark Fowler, aerodynamics director for Elemental, using computational fluid (CFD) to test all aspects of the car?s aero package. The technique is used by F1 teams, and enabled them to test and develop the car?s aerodynamic package in significantly less time than before.

?What people using CFD typically do is model equations, but we don?t model the turbulence, we resolve it,? explained Taylor. ?Because of that we get a much more realistic flow that?s much closer to the real thing. It?s a more expensive option as you have to use bigger supercomputers but it means we?re faster.?

Fowler explained that the resulting efficiency meant several iterations of the same design could be produced and improved in a short space of time. ?It?s what we did back in Formula 1,? he said.

The RP1?s new aerodynamic updates include a more aggressively raked rear wing, bigger lower splitters and a different diffuser. ?The RP1 was designed from the outset to use underfloor aerodynamics, so we were able to investigate, model and analyse many different variants and options to a far greater fidelity and accuracy than has been done anywhere before,? continued Taylor.

Despite the high levels of downforce on offer, Taylor said that the car is well balanced and predictable so a driver of any level can drive it. ?The rear wing is lightly loaded, the diffsuer is beautifully balanced and the downforce is well spread,? he said. ?This car has been designed to be well behaved, a car people can be confident in.?

The new aerodynamic package doesn?t include engine upgrades, so the latest RP1 still comes with a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine producing 320bhp and 332lb ft of torque. 0-60mph takes an estimated 2.8sec.

Elemental delivered its first customer RP1 earlier this month.

Bugatti Chiron production stepped up to meet demand
Bugatti Chiron With over 200 orders now placed, production is being ramped up next year in order to bring the waiting time down from the current three years

Bugatti Chiron production is being stepped up next year as the waiting list for new orders has eclipsed more than three years before any customers have even test driven the new hypercar.

The Bugatti Veyron replacement was unveiled at the 2016 Geneva motor show and more than 200 orders have now been placed. The Chiron has 1479bhp, can reach 62mph in less than 2.5sec - despite weighing 1995kg - and has a maximum top speed of 261mph. It costs ?2.4 million (about £2.0 million) plus taxes.

?Demand has been incredible and these are not the kind of customers who like to wait too long for a new car,? said Bugatti boss Wolfgang Durheimer. ?We will step production up next year to bring the wait down, but there is only so much we can do - traditionally we have manufactured one car a week, next year the total for the year will be around 65.?

Drives for potential customers will begin next March, and Durheimer anticipates the full production run of 500 standard Chirons selling out shortly afterwards. ?We have many prospects who are keen to know more and wavering on putting down a deposit - my feeling is that after driving the car most will buy one.?

The largest order of Chirons by a single individual remains six, for a customer who was buying a car for himself and as gifts for other members of his family. Durheimer stressed that even in such circumstances the company cannot offer a discount, reasoning that it will sell the cars at full price regardless.

Durheimer also played down talk of a second Bugatti model line. The firm has investigated several concepts in recent years, including showing the Bugatti Galibier saloon concept, but the fallout from the VW Dieselgate crisis and the new focus on investing in electric cars has reportedly made the business case for fringe products harder to justify.

2016 Vauxhall Adam 1.0i Turbo Unlimited review
2016 Vauxhall Adam 1.0i Turbo Unlimited The 1.0-litre turbo engine and Unlimited trim combine to make this the best Adam in the line-up What do a Vauxhall Adam and a Ferrari Enzo have in common? Unfortunately, the answer isn?t a 6.0-litre V12. It?s that both cars are named after their founders, sort of. Naturally, Vauxhall?s entry into the style-led supermini class is sold in mainland Europe as an Opel, a company founded by a chap called Adam.To draw in the kind of fashionistas that like to see their new car as a blank canvas, Unlimited trim allows you to pick from any of the dizzying array of personalisation options on offer, avoiding the limitations that other variants have. That means you can pick your body, roof, mirror cap and grille bar colour; choose the wheel size and design; add external decals; and pick seat fabric and dashboard inserts. You still have to pay extra for most of that, though.Mechanically, it?s exactly as before. In the case of our test car, there?s a 1.0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine bolted to a six-speed manual gearbox. Cheaper, naturally aspirated 1.4s and 1.2s are also on offer, should you not require all 113bhp of three-pot fury. 

Hot Lamborghini Aventador S on the way
New Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini's current Aventador (pictured) will be replaced in January, and the new car will gain an Aventador S variant
An invite to the launch of the next Lamborghini Aventador confirms the model?s existence ? there?s an even hotter one on the way too

An even hotter Lamborghini Aventador called the Aventador S is on the cards, according to recent patent applications discovered by Autocar.

This follows an invite to Autocar, which confirms the facelifted Aventador will launch in January next year.

Although no pictures have been provided of the car with the invitation, the text does describe the updates to the car, which has been given ?new design, superior power and a mix of advanced technologies?.

The Aventador is approaching the middle of its life cycle, having been introduced in 2011, so the styling changes are likely to be a thorough refresh, as opposed to a complete overhaul.

The new Aventador?s launch will take place at the Ricardo Tormo Formula 1 track, where the car?s ?active technology? can be experienced. This suggests a new raft of driver aids, although a Lamborghini spokesman couldn?t add any detail to what would feature on the new model.

The Aventador S is likely to receive a state of tune akin to the Centenario ? 759bhp, while the current Aventador has 691bhp, both from the same 6.5-litre V12. It's also likely that the Aventador S will inherit the Centenario's four-wheel steering system, and receive more extreme front and rear exterior design.

Lamborghini recently abandoned its numerical suffixes on its models, starting with the Huracán rear-wheel drive convertible, which drops the roof of the Huracán LP580-2. It?s expected that this will complete a three-tier model family for the Aventador, made up of the base Aventador, Aventador S and Aventador SV.


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