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Thursday, 2 October, 2014 - 07:22 (UK)  

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My 2001 Impreza WRX
My own 2001 Impreza WRX in Red Mica

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Upgraded my WRX with PPP saving nearly £1,200!

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..:: The Subaru Impreza Story

1. The Subaru Impreza Story, as told by me
2. The History of the Subaru Impreza
3. Special Editions
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5. My 2001 Subaru Impreza WRX - Red Mica

..:: My 2001 UK Subaru Impreza WRX - Red Mica

NOTE: This page is SSSOOOOoooo... out of date! Had the car just over a year now, and it looks quite different to the pictures on this page.. Also had a few changes under the skin! Soon I'll report on what all has been done to the car.. Not much left to do now.. It's been one hell of a project at a fraction of the cost it would normally be if I had a garage do all the work! Stay tuned! For a sneek peak check out the Lochindorb gallery! (actually event that's more or less out of date now too.. Someone please give me a kick up the ar*e!)


SIDC Member Direct Car Parts Shop

UK Spec Standard 2001 Subaru Impreza WRX Finished in Red Mica 40,000 miles!

Sourced from Sunnyhill Motors in Turrif, Nov 2006.

Black privacy glass fitted which looks sweet against the Red Mica body! Really can't miss it when you see it on the road!

No plans for any modifications at the moment but I'm sure it wont be too long.... :o)
(23/03/07) Nope hasn't taken long at all.. Few cosmetic tweaks here and there since I bought the car, Mud flaps, front grills, fog lamp covers, grill inserts and some vinyl graphics. But the proper modding has started. Front & Rear aluminium top strut braces fitted wont have much affect at the moment unless used in conjunction with other suspension upgrades..

Soon to have the prodrive 3rd decat pipe fitted along with a Prodrive WRSport backbox (ooh burble) can't wait!

Other semi-planned mods are to the suspension. A set of Prodrive/Eibach springs would be nice, stiffer drop links, possibly new Anti-Roll bars. After that getting the suspension geometry reconfigured is a must. May got for the rally Group N settings as opposed to Prodrive configurations which tends to give uneven tyre wear. Only other change would be ECUTek remap for the ECU once the decat and backbox are fitted which would hopefully give bhp a kick up to around 265bhp from 215bhp, and a drop in 0-60 from 5.9sec to 4.8sec (as if it isn't fast enough). The possibilities for modifying truly are endless with these cars. But my pockets aren't that deep *sigh*

Finally got the 3rd cat delete pipe installed today thanks to Wallace Performance in aberdeen for removing the origonal cat pipe which was held in place by very dodgy workmanship!


If you spot me, don't forget to gimme a flash and a wave!!!

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The highs and lows of the pre-Paris motor show events
The highs and lows of the pre-Paris motor show events Infiniti's dramatic-looking Q80 concept overshadows the Volkswagen Group's efforts ahead of the Paris motor show

Interesting pre-Paris motor show evening for me. Firstly I managed to grab some time with Nissan-Renault supremo, Carlos Ghosn, which is always interesting. Primarily because of the way he has such a grasp on the details but also the bullish fashion with which he combats difficult questions on the less successful sides of his business, namely EV sales and the fortunes of the luxury brand Infiniti.

Needless to say he was confident that both will come good in the end when consumers finally get it. On the subject of Infiniti, though, I was rather struck with the company?s Q80 luxury car concept, which we saw revealed an hour before the CEO arrived. I thought it was a great piece of work, inside and out, with great attention to detail. It's a good indicator of what could come from the company.

It didn?t surprise me to learn that it originated from the company?s London design studio, led by Simon Cox. This Brit designer has done some great and highly innovative cars in the past, working for GM, Lotus and Isuzu. It?s going to be fascinating to see what he can do for Infiniti.

After Nissan I schlepped over the VW preview night, where the Q80 put most of the Volkswagen Group?s offerings in the shade; I loved the Lambo (who wouldn?t) and the Audi TT Sportback seems like a natural way for the brand to go. But some of the cars were pretty poor I thought. Especially the ?special? Ducati-engined XL1. What?s the point of this? More to the point it looked to me like one of those horrid Ferrari replicas based on an Mk2 Toyota MR2. They seemed to have ruined the purity, and point, of the original.

Mind you, one car was largely ignored, one that was perhaps the most important car VW shows at the show: the plug-in hybrid Passat GTE, which has the potential to be a good car and the financial salvation of many company car tax payers. 

Mercedes-AMG has only scratched the surface of its V8 engine?s potential
Mercedes-AMG has only scratched the surface of its V8 engine?s potential The potential of the new Mercedes-AMG powerplant suggests downsizing doesn't necessarily have to be a dirty word

Two things leapt out at me from the Mercedes-Benz pre-Paris motor show party and neither of them had anything to do with the mildly tweaked B-class on show there.

Instead both concerned the new 4-litre V8 engine powering both the Mercedes-AMG GT coupé and the C63 saloon and estate, both of which were being seen at a show event for the first time.

First is Mercedes?s assertion that its new twin-turbo V8 is actually more economical than a rival?s twin-turbo six-cylinder motor, and you don?t need to look any further down the road than to BMW in Munich to know which one is being talked about.

So the Mercedes engine has far more power ? 503bhp in ?S? guise compared to 431bhp for the BMW M4 and M3 ? yet it uses less or at the very least no more fuel.

In that instant everything I thought about downsizing to smaller engines with fewer cylinders went up in smoke. Both engines are new and twin turbocharged, but one has 4-litres and eight cylinders, the other 3-litres and six cylinders. 

To all the doomsayers who claim the days of large capacity, multi-cylinder engines are over, Mercedes for one appears not to have heard.

The second point was an aside from engineering boss Dr Thomas Weber who said this engine would mean even more V8 engines, not just for AMG but Mercedes-Benz too.

And why not? At the moment Mercedes makes four V8 engines, in 4.0, 4.7, 5.5 and 6.2-litre capacities. This clearly will not last. What Weber appears to be saying is that AMG will build 4-litre engines, presumably at a volume to enable it to replace the 4.7-litre engine, the only V8 not to be used in AMG cars. And does AMG have enough capacity to take this on and retain its treasured ?one man, one engine? hand-built philosophy? We shall see.

In the meantime, I can see the new engine becoming in time the only V8 in the line up. It?s an entirely modular unit that really is two 2-litre fours (such as you?ll find in an A45 AMG) sharing a common crank and its current maximum output of 503bhp is barely scratching the surface of its capabilities.

Given the A45 has 355bhp, a 4-litre V8 with 600 or even 700bhp is feasible, which is more power than any Mercedes road car in history. With that kind of potential up your sleeve, why would you use anything else?

One last thing ? if a 2-litre four can so easily become a 4-litre V8, ?tis but a small step from there to a 6-litre V12 to replace the aged units used by the S65 and SL65 AMGs.

And just imagine how much power that could have?

Infiniti Q80 concept to go into production
Infiniti Q80 concept to go into production Luxury four-door will be made in "three to five years" and be joined by Mini-rivalling Q20, say bosses

Infiniti is planning to put the Q80 luxury car concept into production in the next ?three to five years? and add to the range at the bottom with an entry-level model called the Q20. Bosses at Nissan?s luxury brand are also considering sharing more tech with Mercedes.

Speaking on the eve of the Paris motor show, Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn told Autocar that Infiniti was "going to move up and down in its product portfolio". "We need to mass market Infiniti and we need to do so by enlarging our product offering," he said.

Infiniti?s European boss, Francois Goupil de Bouille, admitted that putting the range-topping Q80 concept into production was a priority. "The Q80 is way more than a design study, this is our entry into the large saloon segment," he told Autocar. "Our intention with any prototype is to put as much as possible of it on the road, maybe as much as 90 per cent of the concept."

European design director, Simon Cox, also admitted that other high end cars were being planned: "Just because we?re doing that [the Q80] doesn?t mean that we?re not doing other high-end cars," he said. Rumours have been circulating that Infiniti is also plotting a large traditional saloon and a Range Rover rival, possibly to be badged QX80.

The Q80, and other future large Infinitis could also be built on shared Mercedes platforms. Renault-Nissan Alliance global director Jacques Verdonck admitted that the company was currently considering extending its relationship and using Mercedes rear-drive platforms for its larger cars. "Their rear-drive platforms would make sense for economies of scale, though our tuning would have to be different," he said.

Global design director Shiro Nakamura also revealed that a Q20 is being planned which could line up against the Mini and Audi A1, although the next launch from the brand will be the Audi A3-rivalling Q30 which goes on sale in the middle of 2015.

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VW reveals 167mph Ducati-engined XL Sport concept
VW reveals 167mph Ducati-engined XL Sport concept Sleek motorcycle-engined concept produces 197bhp from its 1199cc engine, which can rev to 11,000rpm

Volkswagen has revealed a high-performance Ducati-engined version of the XL1, named the XL Sport, at its preview event ahead of the Paris motor show.

The mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive XL Sport concept, which is the 200 millionth car produced by Volkswagen, is powered by the Italian motorcycle company?s V-twin engine, which is the world's most powerful two-cylinder motorcycle engine.

Ducati is part of the Volkswagen Group, having been bought by Audi in 2012.

The engine is derived from that found in the 1199 Panigale Superleggera. Installed in the sleek XL Sport, it produces 197bhp, has a top speed of more than 167mph and revs to a maximum of 11,000rpm.

This engine, together with a seven-speed DSG transmission, launches the sports car from 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds and revs up to 11,000rpm.

Although the car bears a close resemblance to the super-frugal XL1, some major design aspects have been developed completely from scratch. The XL Sport weighs 890kg and has a drag coefficient of 0.258. Volkswagen claims these factors combine to make it the fastest car in the world for its power output.

For example, the XL Sport has a number of special aerodynamic tweaks including special air curtains, wheel arch air outlets, an optimised underbody, a diffuser that reduces aerodynamic lift and adaptive exhaust heat vents integrated in the rear lid.

The concept car is slightly longer and wider than the XL1 with a length of 4291mm, width of 1847mm and height of 1152mm. It has a 2424mm wheelbase, longer than the XL1, significantly wider wings and larger wheels.

The extendible rear spoiler is powered by the same apparatus unit as in the Lamborghini Aventador. It also has adaptive waste heat vents incorporated in the rear hatch ? the louvres opens and closes automatically as required to conduct excess engine heat away. The air supply for cooling the Ducati engine is via vents in the rear wings.

The car is built around a high-strength steel space frame. The suspension consists of a double wishbone front axle with the dampers connected below in a pull-rod configuration, and a double wishbone rear axle with the dampers connected above in a push rod configuration.

The tyres are 205/40 R18 at the front and 265/35 R18 and the rear, and the wheels are made from forged magnesium, which brings a total weight reduction of 23.9kg compared with aluminium wheels.

Like the XL1, many parts of the XL Sport's body are manufactured in carbon-reinforced polymer (CFRP), with a monocoque featuring slightly offset seats for the driver and passenger.

The interior boasts a number of changes over the standard XL1, such as a digital instrument cluster, with an individual lap time and oil pressure display. A flat carbonfibre part that extends the top of the instrument cluster covering to eliminate reflections in the windscreen.

?The XL Sport is based on the XL1, our lightweight efficiency champion with an extremely low drag coefficient and excellent aerodynamics. We?ve improved the aerodynamics but maintained the sporty look,? said a Volkswagen spokesman. ?It has a heart made by Ducati.?

Volkswagen describes the XL1's interior as "highly influenced by motorsport". There?s no word on whether Volkswagen intends to put the striking car into production, but last year the manufacturer stated its intention to build one example of the car to gauge reaction.

The German manufacturer is expected to reveal more details of the concept at its Paris motor show press conference at 0850hrs tomorrow.

Read more Paris motor show news

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The time is right for Audi to think big with its TT
The time is right for Audi to think big with its TT The third-generation Audi TT coupé has already proven to be a big hit with our road testers, so is it now time for Audi to expand the family?

With every passing motor show, I wonder what niche BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz will find left to fill. The German ?big three? are the masters of expanding line-ups you probably never thought were necessary before.

And so to Paris, and the expansion continues again. With BMW, that original niche-buster, the X6, is back again for a second generation. Mercedes is filling a Porsche 911-sized hole in its line-up with the stunning AMG GT, but for me the most intrigue comes from Audi, and the imminent expansion of its TT line-up with the TT Sportback concept.

It?s the third such new TT concept this year after the Shooting Brake and Offroad concepts, and the third time I?ve thought: why didn?t they think of that sooner? 

The TT is the Audi with the most brand kudos, and the strongest badge, so to me it?s the obvious candidate for an expanded line-up, especially when at least two of the three concepts would offer something genuinely new and interesting on the market place.

Perhaps Audi has been biding its time, choosing not to expand the TT line-up before the third generation. The second-gen TT always felt like a watered down version of the original concept, but colleagues report the new model is fabulous to drive, and to my eyes it?s a looker again, too. Our web stats indicate our readers can?t get enough of the TT, too.

So now with three proposed new TT bodystyles, Audi must decide which ? if not all ? to put into production. Whatever it decides, with that TT badge, those looks and strong dynamic underpinnings, the TT success story, and Audi?s expansion into ever more niches and new market segments, will inevitably continue.

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